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Our general terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions of the Kriebelland KRIEBSTEIN, represented by the operator Kriebsteiner Str. 1, 09648 Kriebstein

Confirmation of the acceptance of the general terms and conditions: Before booking and using the services of Kriebelland, each guest must take note of these general terms and conditions. By booking one of our offers, the guest confirms that he or she has read and understood the General Terms and Conditions and agrees to them without reservation. In the case of underage guests, the guardian/supervising adult companion must have read the General Terms and Conditions and discussed them with the underage participant.

1. validity
The General Terms and Conditions apply to reservations made through the Kriebelland online reservation system. All verbal agreements require written confirmation. Please refer to our current online offer for prices. There are no further fees or costs for the online purchase. Costs for vouchers may vary. Price deviations for possible packages can be inquired by telephone. All prices quoted are basically the prices valid on the day of reservation, unless otherwise agreed.

2nd payment
2.1 Payment is always made in advance. On arrival, a fire deposit of 100,-€ for a book-barrel and a sailing ship tree house, 150,-€ for a yurt and 250,-€ for a romantic tree house must be paid.

2.2 Vouchers cannot be paid out or exchanged. Vouchers must be presented upon arrival.

If the value of the voucher does not reach the price of the overnight stay, the difference must be paid in cash on site.

2.3 Package offers that include the consumption of food & beverages will be invoiced according to consumption in the post.

3. cancellations – rebooking
3.1 Cancellation and rebooking must be confirmed by us, otherwise it is invalid! For cancellations – rebooking up to 6 months before arrival 50% and 6 months to 7 weeks before arrival 75% of the booking value will be charged – from 7 weeks to arrival day 100% will be charged.

3.2 In the case of short-term cancellations due to illness, we recommend a travel cancellation insurance (included in many household insurances).

3.3 If the offer is not used despite booking, we continue to charge the full price.

3.4 If vouchers are cancelled, 100% of the voucher value will be charged to the voucher holder – in case of rebooking 50% of the voucher value.

4. use of the site and the objects
Upon arrival, treehouse guests receive a detailed briefing. This type of accommodation is not suitable for pregnant women or people with fear of heights. In case of use by school classes the following applies: The persons having custody must agree in writing to use the facility without an adult accompanying person. In this case, the accompaniment of a responsible supervisor (e.g. teacher/supervisor) is required. We expressly point out that the use of our premises (paths, stairs, tub, footbridge, water place…) is at your own risk and responsibility. 4.1 Canoe rental, rental conditions for maximum 5 boats: 4.1.1 We hand over the boats clean. We would also like you back clean. With all discount rates you are responsible for the final cleaning. 4.1.2 Unfortunately, boats that are lying unsecured outside are not insurable. This means for you that you have to take care of your boat, because a loss is at your expense (drifting away, theft). But we can reassure you. No boat has been stolen yet. We do not charge compensation for loss of income. In this connection we would like to point out that capsized boats that are full of water must not be pulled over the edge of the bank. We will be pleased to show you the correct method when boarding. 4.1.3 The return date is binding. Prolongations are only possible after consultation with the lessor. In case of late return without consultation, at least one additional day’s rental will be charged automatically. Should other customers be affected by the late return, the costs incurred thereby shall be borne by the Hirer. 4.1.4 Damages caused by our boats are at the expense of the hirer. 4.1.5 The use of the canoes is at your own risk. 4.1.6 In the interest of your safety, please carry swimming aids. Children must always wear buoyancy aids. 4.1.7 Refunds for early return are only possible after prior consultation. 4.1.8 Our boats may only be used on the water until 20.00 hours! 4.2 Barbecue area – bath tubs 4.2.1 Barbecue area as well as bath tubs may be used until 23.00 hrs at the latest. 4.2.2 The firing of our barbecue is only allowed with charcoal. 4.2.3 The firing of the underwater bath tub stove is exclusively by

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